Manufacturing tools
of shaped rubber hoses

Construction of controlling moulds and models

Relying on its partner’s, Wendt Modellbau GmbH’s experience in industrial modelling of over 150 years, the highly-trained experts of our carpentry model construction plant build controlling, marking and assembly moulds and models based on the 3D designs of automotive manufacturers. The controlling moulds are made of aluminum. plastic and wood. We use a coordinate measuring machine (Stiefelmayer) for controlling them. Our high-precision CNC coordinate measuring machine (Wenzel) enables us to deliver the tools in a 100% controlled and logged manner, upon request from automotive customers.

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Production of vulcanizing tools

We have over 10 years of professional experience in the area of manufacturing vulcanizing tools. We design and produce tools required for the cooling, heating, turbo and fuel systems of passenger and cargo motor vehicles, primarily for our partners from the automotive industry. Modern machinery and a great professional experience are equally important for the production of tools related to rubber and plastic hoses. Our long-term business relations and the satisfaction of our customers clearly show that our constant technical development and the education of our staff have had real results.

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Production of special-purpose machine tools

Our special-purpose machine tool production plant conducts the design and manufacturing of semi-automatic and automatic as well as manual machine tools. With the help of these machines, our customers are able to achieve the necessary joining precision and the desired efficiency. The automatic and semi-automatic machines are PLC-controlled, programming is conducted according to customers needs, so any intervention of the staff can be monitored, regulated, displayed visually and controlled centrally by the customers.

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Competitive edge at first glance:

  • Over 10 years of professional experience in the production of vulcanizing tools
  • Reliable supplier of international automotive brands
  • Up-to-date machinery, experienced professionals
  • ISO 9001 quality assurance