Quality policy

Marostech Ltd’s quality policy

The objective of Marostech Ltd is to completely meet customer demands and expectations through a technical innovation of our products, a constant improvement of our quality and the perfection of our services. The company’s quality policy is built on the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 standard quality control system, which meets Hungarian and European requirements alike and ensures that:

  • no faulty products are handed over to customers,
  • the knowledge of our employees is improved constantly,
  • and customer’s demands are met and their satisfaction is guaranteed.

The concurrent and constant improvement of quality and productivity is a key interest for us, therefore we always make our best effort so that our products and production processes fully meet customers’, quality, environmental, labour safety and security requirements.

We believe that our high-quality performance within a short deadline will ensure that customers, employees as well as the business environment will be satisfied with our image of a constantly developing, renowned, reliable and sound company. In order to achieve this goal, we constantly strive for learning and using new technologies and materials, while ensuring the professional and moral development and constant improvement of our employees.

We intend to realize this mission by establishing, operating and constantly developing a quality control system in the future. So we expect and demand all of our employees to fully meet the requirements fo the introduced quality control system as well as to communicate their proposals and suggestions.

We always welcome any form of customer feedback, and we consider them for setting our quality goals, since these comments are highly instrumental in further increasing customer satisfaction.

Makó, 2010.05.10.

Gábor Marosfalvi
managing director

ISO 9001 certificate